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Starkes Ausbauquartal bei SMATRICS EnBW
Erstellungsdatum: 08.04.2024

Strong expansion quarter for SMATRICS EnBW

SMATRICS EnBW is creating Austria's fastest charging network and has already recorded an increase in high-speed charging points of almost 25 per cent by the end of March 2024. There are now 40 high-speed charging points with up to 400 kW available at a further six locations in Austria.

From 176 to 216 in just three months - that's how many fast charging points SMATRICS EnBW has added in Austria in the first quarter of the current year. Four new charging points in Vienna (Siemensstraße), twelve in Vösendorf and St. Pölten (Lower Austria), 20 in Vorchdorf and Vöcklabruck (Upper Austria) and four more charging points in Arnoldstein (Carinthia).

"With the 40 new high-speed charging points that we installed in the first quarter, electric car drivers now have access to additional state-of-the-art charging points with up to 400 kW to charge up to 400 kilometres in around 15 minutes, depending on the charging capacity," says a delighted Thomas Landsbek, CEO of SMATRICS EnBW.

The six locations are spread along the southern and western motorways across four federal states. With this offer, SMATRICS EnBW is also expanding the cross-border EnBW HyperNetwork for drivers in Austria with fast charging points of the highest performance class.

Hauke Hinrichs, COO of SMATRICS EnBW, explains further: "When setting up charging infrastructure, we focus on current demand and expand the fast charging network where it is needed most." 36 of the 40 new HPC (High Power Charging) charging points were installed in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria - the top 3 federal states for new e-vehicle registrations in 2023.


First SMATRICS EnBW charging park opened in Upper Austria

SMATRICS EnBW set up the first large charging hub in Upper Austria with a total of 16 charging points in Vorchdorf near the A1 Vorchdorf exit.

The hub is located in the immediate vicinity of restaurants and gas stations, which are ideal for bridging short charging times. Not only residents benefit from these additional e-charging options, but also Qtourism, especially around the popular holiday lakes Traunsee and Attersee.

"SMATRICS EnBW already operates the largest public fast-charging network in Austria," says Thomas Landsbek. "We are working on further shortening the distances between the locations. In the next few years, we want to provide ultra-fast charging every 40 kilometres or so." The electricity for operating the charging stations will continue to come 100 per cent from renewable energy from VERBUND.


Charging where everyday life takes place

SMATRICS EnBW installs its HPC chargers primarily along the high-ranking road network as well as in supermarket car parks and in urban areas in order to pick up drivers where everyday life and fast charging go hand in hand perfectly.

There are 24 of such SMATRICS EnBW charging points in car parks at BILLA shops: twelve of them are in Lower Austria - four in Vösendorf and eight in St. Pölten. In Arnoldstein (Carinthia), Vöcklabruck (Upper Austria) and Vienna (Siemensstraße) there are four more fast-charging points available at BILLA.

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